Water Well Services and Repairs

Some Examples of Well Service Include:

Replacing Pumps & Tanks

Pressure Switch Installation

Hydrant Installation, Repair & Removal

Well Abandonments

Well Inspections


Water Testing

Plugged Jet and Screen Diagnosis

Underground Leaks

Hit Wells

Water Odor Remedies


Bulk Displacements

...and Much More!


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Pumps and Pressure Tanks


When a faucet is turned on, water is pushed out of the well into tank and through the plumbing. When the water in the tank drops below the required amount, a pressure switch is activated turning the pump on. The pump then refills the tank. The combination of the tank, switch, and pump makes the water well function.


Chlorinating, Odor, and Testing


We can chlorinate for bacteria contamination.  Usually a test has been performed that confirms bacteria is present as bacteria cannot be seen or detected in the water any other way.  We offer chlorinations for water odor as well.  Sometimes the helps a great deal with offensive sulfur odor in the water.  There is no test for this.  There are other solutions available for sulfur odor.  Phone or email us if you are interested in an estimate on any of these services or for more information.


Helpful Tank Hints


If tank pressure drops, the bladder may have a hole in it.  A tank is waterlogged if it is completely filled with water or has too much water to function correctly.  This causes the pump motor to cycle too often.  Frequent pump cycling (frequent erratic clicking at the tank) can shorten the lifespan of your pump.  If you suspect tank problems, call us.  We can most likely diagnose them over the phone.

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